I just finished reviewing all the answers that my loyal email list subscribers gave me right after subscribing to my free personal development newsletter for the 5 Day Intro Course. This was some real insight for me and I will work hard to deliver solutions for these wishes, hopes and problems you want to solve in your life. Thank you for this truly great feedback!

The question I asked was:

„If I could help you with one single thing in your life, what would that be?“

I think this is a pretty clever question since it narrows down the focus to one single, the most important single problem you see in your life right now. Also it’s an open question, there where no options to select, which gave me some real intimate and elaborate answers. And since I ask it right after the email signup I got over 50% response-rate on the question.

So what are the most commonly seen answers to that question? Maybe you want to take a guess!?

I tried to categorize the 1,287 answers and here is the Top 10 of the most pressing topics of you, my readers:

10. Find Inner Peace

Many of you are looking to develop a deeper peace of mind and live in harmony peacefully everyday. This can be achieved especially by doing inner work. You can especially find inner peace by doing the right things, building up inner space and living in the present.

If this is you, read: How to Find Inner Peace by Building Inner Space
and read: What is the Present Moment

9. Improve Your Career and Job-Situation

Finding a good job, or finding a new job and improving your career is a pressing life’s problem for many. Especially the decision to find a new orientation for your career is a difficult one. Sometimes you also have to think about quitting your job and if you want to start your own business.

If this is you, read: How to Find the Right Career Part 1 and Part 2
Interesting external read: 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job (Steve Pavlina)
Interesting external read: How to Quit Your Day Job (Paid To Exist)

8. Eliminate Negativity and Be Positive

Getting aware of your negative thought patterns and then actually changing them is the key to get negativity out of your head. Awareness is always the first step. The second step is change.

If this is you, read: What to Do When Life Sucks?
and read: The Small Guide to Overcome Negativity

7. Find and Live Your Passion

For fulfillment in your professional life there is nothing much more important than finding and following your passion. But be warned, it is important to not do this blindly. If you plan to make a living from your passion, you have to make sure that you have the potential to be the best in your field and that you are providing value for the needs of people.

If this is you, read: How to Follow Your Passion and Do What You Love without Going Broke
and read: Success: The Only Guide You Need on How to Be Successful in Life
Interesting external read: How Do I Find My Passion? The Missing „Recovery“ Method (Paid To Exist)

6. Being Happy

The Dalai Lama said everyone on earth is seeking happiness. It is in your code and it is the right thing to do. But happiness can’t be chased directly, it always comes as a by-product of something else in life.

If this is you, read: What is Happiness to You?
and read: The Dalai Lama’s Guide to Happiness

5. Find and Improve a Relationship

Love is always a hot topic and having found and created a great relationship is one of life’s continuous joys. I just noticed that I haven’t posted a lot on relationships myself here, so that will be a topic I will cover more now.

Interesting external read: Soulful Relationships (Steve Pavlina)
Interesting external read: 10 Ways to Create a Strong, Intimate Relationship (Tiny Buddha)
Interesting external read: How to Build Intimacy in Any Relationship (Think Simple Now)

4. Improve Ability to Focus Clearly

Your mental focus is the director of your mind. Where you focus your attention to, your energy and time goes. Being able to concentrate and to effectively use your mental focus, for a longer period of time, is a key skill that can really improve your overall life. This is a topic that I already covered in detail.

If this is you, read: How to Focus Your Mind: Develop a Laser-Sharp Mental Focus
and read: Why Single-Minded Focus is the Only Real Way
and also read: The 5 Steps to Focus Your Mind and Flow Into The Zone

3. Develop the Mindset of Personal Growth

The third most pressing life problem from the case study was the general wish to develop a mindset for personal development. Continuously improve yourself and therefore improve your life, one step after another. This also includes to eliminate your limitations and to clear your mind of anything that could hold you back. Then you develop a no-limit mindset and life starts to just flow for you.

If this is you, read: The Right Mindset: Change Your Mindset in 6 Steps
and read: Take Responsibility in Your Life
and also read: How to Change Limiting Beliefs

2. Increase Self Esteem / Self-Confidence

Everybody wants you to be self-confident: your wife, your boss, your followers, your parents and your kids. Self-Confidence is an evergreen in the personal development field. Nothing can make or break your own ability to create the life your want as your self-confidence. It is also closely linked to your self-image: how you see yourself in the world.

If you want to improve self-confidence, read: How to Build Self-Confidence
Interesting external read: How to increase your self-esteem (Mind.org.uk)

1. Improve Your Money Situation

The answers in this category ranged from „Getting out of debt“ over „Help me to eliminate my limiting beliefs towards financial abundance“ to „Achieving financial freedom“.

I was a bit surprised to find it the number one topic on a community that is geared towards personal development. And it may have something to do with the fact that I chunked everything related to money and finances into this category, but it was a huge gap between money on position 1 and self-esteem on 2. And if you think about it, money is just a huge topic for everyone.

I also haven’t written too much specifically about money and developing the right mindset for financial abundance. Although I know that doing personal development is a great investment in yourself and to do better with your finances. That will be something I want to focus on more as well in the coming posts.

If you want to improve your financial situation,
Interesting external read: Awakening Your Financial Genius
Interesting external read: Learn or Die (both from Robert Kiyosaki [RichDad])

Other Topics

Topics that didn’t quite make it into the Top 10 were Spiritual Enlightenment, Achieving Success, Finding Your Purpose, Eliminating Fear, Self-Discipline and Fighting Procrastination.

What Are Your Most Pressing Life Problems?

Do you identify with this top list of wishes people have? Where do you stand? If I could help YOU with one single thing in your life, what would that be?

Please write your answer into the comments… (I’d really love to hear from you!)

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