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Was ist ein Sales Funnel?

In diesem Artikel erfahren Sie was ein digitaler Sales Funnel ist. Und Sie lernen, warum der Funnel das Zentrum Ihrer digitalen Marketingstrategie sein muss. Viele Unternehmer, Führungskräfte und Marketing-Verantwortliche fragen sich immer noch was ein Sales Funnel...

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How to Beat the Self-Employed Isolation

When we’re making the decision to jump from being employed to running our own business, one of the great perks is the opportunity to set our own schedule, without answering to a manager or having to deal with the various demands of a team.

So why is it, when many people first move in to running their own business, one of the first issues that hits is a sense of isolation?

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The Biggest Myth of Starting Your Lifestyle Business (& How to Steer Clear of It)

After toying endlessly with the idea, you decide to become a solopreneur or small business owner. You spend months or years working out your strategy, your tagline, your marketing plan, your platform. You tweak your website for days or weeks, put the finishing touches on your portfolio until the wee smalls of morning after morning. Finally you’re ready. You open your doors …

… and you don’t get any business.

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