Myrko Thum Personal Development CoachIs there a way to break free from what is still holding you back? Is there a key to unlock this way for you? And how do you start? What is the first step? What comes next?

I believe that there is a personal path, regardless of were you come from or where you are. And it’s not just fate or luck. I believe and know from my own experience, that it’s very straightforward: a step-by-step process that is still very individually but everybody can go through to realize his potential. But what we need is a guide through those steps, something that helps us authentically to build that way.

This blog was originally inspired by the philosophy of C.A.N.I. CANI means Constant And Never-ending Improvement, a way of living for continuous openness, learning, improvement and growth with the goal of self-realization. Read more about CANI here.

I will try to make this blog as practical as possible, so that everybody can get benefits from it, wherever you are in your life. This blog shows ways to improve your life situation and have fun with it, since you can experience the joy of your own advancement and success. By practical I mean to try to avoid getting to far ahead and to give real entry-points to everyone, so that you can get a real value for your way out of this blog.

My Motivations and Goals with MyrkoThum.com

Since I was little I always was the creative type. I always wanted to build something with structure and meaning, and yes, something that others like and benefit from somehow. Later when I started my professional life I wanted to create something outstanding. It should be successful in a way that it helps and inspires a lot of people.

Those are the same motivations for MyrkoThum.com, Personal Development that Transforms, today. And I want to share my experiences and what worked for me. That’s why I created this site, which is always a work-in-progress, but I hope to create something outstanding in the end that has the potential to inspire.

Myrko Thum – An Introduction of the Author

Myrko Thum - Personal Development Coach

I grew up in the split Germany near Berlin. As the unification of Germany has arisen, I was about to start university education in Computer Science and Psychology in Berlin. Computer Science was just about to take off with the growing popularity of the internet and I had and have the fascination for creation and the creative power we have with computers. The combination with human psychology was especially exciting for me.

Shortly after starting studying, I experienced something like a minor stroke, where I could not see and talk properly, which was pretty disturbing with 19 years of age. What followed was the development of a clinical depression, since I was surrounded by complete inability to help me by doctors, parents of friends. I was really believing I was going to die to a serious illness and nobody was making any effort. This state of depression went on in lessening degree for nearly eight years, and it was the first major learning in my life-time: You are responsible, nobody else.

I quit studying, which was not that fulfilling, especially with the disadvantage of my lessening, but ongoing depression, followed my heart and started the internet and games company ingame GmbH in Hamburg, Germany together with people I got in contact with over this passion for games and the internet.

Running this company was my second major-learning through expand by demand. Especially demand on myself, and I started not only learning and applying management and vision, but also the the whole process of personal development through willingness to grow. Changing limiting beliefs , raising energy -levels and creating by goals and vision are personal developed habits. On the inter-personal level, working and being with other people, there were challenges in leadership, inspiration and of course, just getting things done together.

After a deeper realization of what the reasons for success are and how something like a company can naturally grow there came the question of „Where do I grow now?“ There is the obvious answer: „Just do the things you do better!“ And this is a good answer, it means to contribute and give value to others. And I wanted and want this answer to apply. But somehow it wasn’t satisfying enough.

I always had the feeling, that beyond the earning for success and affluence, there is another dimension, a spiritual dimension. And so I first looked into spiritual pathways to success and then into spirituality itself.

The whole approach of Personal Development is the approach to live inside-out, to look inside and to express that what is there for the benefit of the world. I experienced a rising of joy, of juice in my life, which was the result of me freeing myself from limits in my mind. I experienced a strong glimpse of an awakening, the realization of my essence, of what we all have inside and are.

As always the journey continues, for me as well as for you. Let’s make the best out of it!

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