Selfie-Video: Wie ich meine Infoprodukte launche

Ich bin jetzt knapp eine Woche von meinem nächsten großen Infoprodukt Launch entfernt. Also habe ich gerade spontan ein kurzes Selfie-Video geschossen, in dem ich erkläre wie ich meine Infoprodukte launche.

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Infoprodukt Fall-Studie: Onlinekurs von 0 auf $336.000 in 6 Monaten analysiert

Wenn Sie davon träumen Ihr eigenes profitables Infoprodukt zu besitzen, habe ich hier ist eine sehr inspirierende Case Study für Sie: Susan Peirce Thompson launchte Ihr neues Produkt namens “Thin, Happy and Free” (Optinseite) komplett neu, ohne nennenswerte Liste, insg. 3 mal und war in der Lage in nur 6 Monaten $336.000 in 2 Launches zu generieren.

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The TOP 5 Benefits Of Selling What You Already Know In An Information Product

In the past 3 years I discovered that the best way to monetise my expertise is to package it into an information product that I could sell at a great price online. I summarised the reasons behind why this works so well — especially right now — in this Top-5 list for you:

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TOP 10 Mistakes in Creating & Selling Information Products

For over 3 years now I create and sell (more or less) high-ticket information products. What started as a desire to monetise my content and passion, has now become my core expertise and the heart of my business. And if you’re helping others with your knowledge and experience, I sincerely believe that information products are THE BEST […]

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Myrko Thum in Kailua, Hawaii

4 Breakthroughs of Highly Successful People (Q&A with Brian Tracy, Chris Brogan, Neil Strauss, Steve Pavlina)

In my last blog post I shared 3 of my personal breakthrough moments that shaped who I am today and helped me to find my unique path in life. But those were still just the breakthroughs of one person. What I wanted is to see if there’s a pattern of defining moments and learnings people made […]

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Myrko at the Beach in Maui

The 3 Breakthrough Moments Of My Lifetime

Why are we interested in personal development? It’s because we want to improve ourselves. We want to be the best we can be and live fully, right? But that’s not the real reason. Why would you want to improve yourself if there wouldn’t be a greater promise connected to it? The real reason is because we all […]

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reach your goals

How to Stick to Your Goals and Actually Reach Them

Ok I decided to open up a new category here called “Ask Myrko”. This is where you can send me your questions and every Thursday I will pick one that I think is interesting for most people and answer it. I already got hundreds from you (from those of you who signed up on my newsletter […]

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