If you would like to know how to build a powerful life vision by answering a simple question, read on. It will take you about 10-20 minutes to go through this process…

After I posted about asking yourself the right questions I noticed how powerful questions really can be. They have the power to shift our way of thinking to a different level. Especially when you try to make a change in your life or you want to define some new goals to go after, coming up with strong questions helps a lot.

Introducing The „Perfect Day“ Life Vision Exercise

The question:

What Would Your Perfect Day Look Like?

… will help you to build a vision of your life. It is a very visual question which immediately takes your mind to think in pictures. And thinking about this question can help to move your life into the direction.

So before we dive more into interpreting possible answers, please go ahead and answer this question in writing for yourself. Take 5 minutes and write the answers you’re getting down on a piece of paper or in your text-program. If you can’t write it now (which you should to make this little exercise work), at least take some time now to think about your answer…..

(Write down your answer to „What Would Your Perfect Day Look Like?„)

If you want you can write it in the comment below. I’d be delighted to read it!

Did you do it? If not, do it. Now! There is no point in reading any further when you didn’t do it. C’mon, it will only take 5 Minutes.. so do it now…..

Now you may say „But my perfect day is not reality. This is not how my life can be all the time!“ But this is the point of this question. Because what it does shows you is exactly what you really would like to do and be. If there is a huge gap between how your days usually look and what your perfect day looks like, answering this question will make you think. And maybe you will find some ways to move into the direction of your perfect day. At least from time to time.

Ok, that was nice, what’s next?

Here is a powerful follow-up question:

What Would Your Perfect Life Look Like?

Ok, please go ahead and answer this question in writing!

(Write down your answer to „What Would Your Perfect Life Look Like?„)

Again, if you dare use the comments to post your answer. I’m sure other people would be inspired. At least write it down for yourself.

If you haven’t done it, please do it! You will be surprised of how much value you can get out of answering these seemingly simple questions. I mean, it’s your life, not mine… so please, do it.

What did that do to you now? You just have created a powerful vision for your future!

This „vision“ may seem a little out of reach for you right now. But again, that’s the point: The point of answering these questions is to get a new impulse and to see something in your mind, that COULD be your reality. All that this does is creating ideas and hopefully some drive to create the life that you truly want to live.

If you are willing to go the next step from here, a perfect follow up would be to break down your vision of your perfect life into some goals you can then work towards: Goal Setting: 7 Steps to Set Your Life Goals.

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