I always found that being inspired is the best state to be in. Being inspired leads to inspired action and has some kind of magic to it. It seems to go directly to the point. It always seems to be right.

You are able to see things much more clearly. You are getting the right ideas, the right input. And you do good.

To Be Inspired is Being In Spirit

The state of being inspired means to be in connection with your spirit, your higher self. It „whispers“ you your way.

When you find inspiration you have a natural urge to act on it. Being inspired and following your inspiration leads to real happiness. What you create from the state of inspiration has a quality to it that seems a bit out of this world. You create and live your life being in the flow.

If you look at it through the layers of mind, you might find it hard to grasp. But most of the time when you see inspired creations you can recognize their beauty and perfection.

My Way

In the last years I went on to trust this inner voice more and more. I went from depression (earlier in my life, around 16 years ago) to being very success driven and goal-oriented (about 10 years ago) to bring spiritually driven and creating balance while living in the moment (about 5 years ago).

Now my goal in life is to integrate what I’ve learned and to create something of value for other people which is also personally fulfilling and brings out the best in me.

Some days I don’t feel inspired and have to rely on my goals and on what I have laid out as a general way to go. But most other days I feel the joy of inspiration, and the gratitude that I can do what I want to do. This fact of course came not by chance but by taking full responsibility for my life, which I believe is kind of an entry-point to personal development.

How to Be Un-Inspired

How can you not feel the connection to your spirit?

The answer is that you could have closed the connection. You may have lost touch with your higher self because you have created too many mental layers. Your mental self-image, the roles you play day in day out, your inner chat, negative thinking etc. have clogged your connection and made it hard to even sense that there is more.

If you believe that you are what your mind has gathered of you as information, then you can overlay your true nature and block the connection with „mental noise“. This is some kind of ignorance. And what has manifested as beliefs seems to be the reality.

Allowing Inspiration

Everybody has a view of the world. But you have to be very careful to mistake this internal world-view and also your self-image for absolute reality. If you would do this, you would close yourself from new perspectives and you become inflexible. Your world view can potentially become a bunch of self-limiting beliefs.

So stay open minded. Stay curious. Question your world view. Question Yourself.

Becoming inspired needs room to happen. You need to allow this influence and the connection.

Sometimes you may think it’s silly or you are to mature or an educated person to listen to your spirit. Big mistake. This would also take you away from being inspired because you wouldn’t allow yourself this privilege.

It’s bit like being a child again, you’re still not over-layered with all the experiences that defined your world-view. You have this fresh and natural view on the world. You are open and believe to find the good in everything.

So over to you: What gives you inspiration? How do you get inspired?

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