Sometimes in life we feel weak, overwhelmed and out of control of what is happening around—and even more importantly—inside us.  There are demands everywhere begging for our attention.

I personally develop the tendency to ignore things in order to keep at least a little control over what is my primary focus. But ignorance is always a poor master.

Don’t Give Up!

I urge you not to give up on your highest expectations!

Don’t lower your standards and accept a life that is not truly satisfying you. Don’t accept bad compromises. Don’t accept mediocrity.

That’s not the way. And it’s not working, neither.

Remember this: You can never cheat on yourself! [Tweet this!]

…and talk yourself into accepting a life that is „OK.“ expecting to be happy. It’s the path to dullness — a path to an uninspired, uncreative life.

Keep up the inner fight. And fight for the win.

The Reward is Worth It

Because the reward is not only a life truly worth living, but first and foremost it is that inner emotional reward that’s worth the fight.

When you feel proud of yourself. When you feel alive again. When your life flows full of energy.

Then you have the right ideas, take the right actions.

The only reason you are here is to shine! Everything else is secondary. [Tweet this!]

That means to be at your best. To give, to love, to grow, to contribute, to inspire and to enjoy.

But that only comes when you don’t settle. When you don’t give in to the pressure of mediocrity. When you keep up and actually live by your own high standards. When you demand more from yourself than anybody else is asking from you.

How to Stay on Top of Your Life

I personally just went through a stage where I was overwhelmed. There where a lot of events going on (just to name my marriage, the birth of our twins and the creation and launch of The System) that demanded more from me.

What what I learned again was that I just must not accept the wrong compromise. I must not mitigate. I must not accept a feeling of being out of control, of not having the inner space to stay calm, of being overwhelmed, of not being on top of my life.

What I have to do instead is to grow and find the way to get back into consciously directing my life and keeping my highest standards up.

What especially worked well for me was adjusting some of my beliefs, especially about comfort and self-discipline.

Self-Discipline Gives You Freedom

When you understand that self-discipline will give you the freedom you’re so desperately longing for, you start to see what you will get from it, instead of what is costs you.

Self-discipline is the kind of quality that helps you everywhere. Then you can be sure that you will actually follow through with what you say to yourself. This is true power — and a reason to feel good about yourself.

And —as I said in the Tiny Guide already— the best thing is to keep the emotional win of the end-result in mind.

So understand self-discipline as a part of yourself, of your core values, and not as something you always have to fight with. That’s the real switch.

Comfort is Not Quality of Life

On the other hand, I experienced again that comfort is not a quality of my life. And especially no quality that makes my life easier. 

Living a comfortable life can lead very easily to staying in your comfort zone.

You need to accept and raise to the demands your life is giving you.

Demands are there for a reason. And the reason is for you to grow. [Tweet this!]

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