Why are we interested in personal development?

It’s because we want to improve ourselves. We want to be the best we can be and live fully, right?

But that’s not the real reason.

Why would you want to improve yourself if there wouldn’t be a greater promise connected to it?

The real reason is because we all want to get somewhere. We want to reach an outcome.

We want to experience a great state or feeling, by growing inside and reaching our highest goals.

Those goals may be to be financially free, having a great relationship, a great business or job, or a strong mind and body. In short: We want to live an abundant lifestyle, the best life we can create.

The Outcome of Your Personal Development: Your Personal Breakthrough

So what is the end-result you have in mind when you engage in personal development? What is the outcome I can help you to achieve with my work?

I thought about that question for a long time now, especially because I want to focus on creating real results for you here.

Those can be internal or external results. In fact, any great external outcome is preceded by an internal one.

It’s in fact a universal law:

As within, so without.

The outcome of your personal development is to reach your personal breakthrough, which is when you become the person who is naturally able to reach your desired goals.

And your personal development is defining your unique path to get there. And your breakthrough will happen naturally when you hit a threshold.

And when we’re walking down this „breakthrough path“ we will meet several challenges and experience several breakthrough moments that take us forward.

It’s like opening a door and having the opportunity to stepping through it into a new and better reality.

Or if you don’t accept that challenge (yet), to close that door and maybe open it later again. That’s why we have to face problems again and again until we break through and solve them once and for all, mostly inside of ourselves.

3 Short Stories About The Breakthrough Moments In My Life

I personally experienced several breakthrough moments on my path (so far). These were those moments where I opened an inner door by breaking through to a bigger reality.

The following 3 breakthrough insights were also incredible emotional moments for me. They shaped my life and defined who I am today.

1. „I’m In Charge Here.“

Coming from a labor family in Eastern Germany, I was crying tears of joy as the wall came down and Germany reunited.

Still a teenager and full of hopes and dreams I started my studies and a new life. Finally I was leaving this old world of lack and limitation behind me.

Little did I know of the journey ahead of me…

It was a hot July afternoon when while playing a tennis match I suddenly felt weird and lost my sight and the ability to speak. The words where still coming to my mind, but I wasn’t able to articulate them anymore.

I was in panic! Is this the end already? (Read the full story here.)

While I recovered partly, this weird incident scared the hell out of me.

I was eager to get an explanation and help from my doctors, my parents and society in general — someone surely would help a 19 year old in that kind of trouble, right?

But they didn’t. And I was lost.

It took me several years to fully recover. And it would have taken forever, if I hadn’t had the following breakthrough moment:

Standing at a crossroads in my life to either giving up and die or finding hope and a way out again, I stumbled upon a quote in The 7 Habits by the legendary Stephen Covey which read:

„It’s not what happens to us, but our response to it.“

That quote hit me like a ton of bricks.

The second I read it, I woke up to the fact that was beginning to dawn on me already: Nobody else but me is fully responsible to create the life I want.

Look closely at the word responsibility. There are really two words:

Response – Ability.

You are able to choose your response. That’s where you have control.

What an empowering shift in thinking. So I chose my response. And took control of my own inner power to change my life. And I did it. That was the big „Aha!“ moment, my first breakthrough that started everything.

You’ve got to be your own hero in your world. You have to take control of your life and accept this responsibility with all you’ve got. And then use this power proactively to build a remarkable life. The life you always dreamed of.

You can do this. Take control of your life now.

2. „I Can Learn and Become Anything I Want.“

At the age of 25 I made a big decision in my life.

Right after my studies of computer science and psychology I moved to a new city to do one thing:

To follow my passion. And as I know today, also my purpose.

It took a lot of courage.

I could have stayed on that well-worn path and looked for a job in the corporate world. But my heart was telling me something else.

There was a new opportunity in front of me and I knew it was the right thing to do. So I listened to my intuition, packed my stuff and jumped right into the next phase in my life.

I co-founded a company. It was a fun and exciting, but also extremely tough time.

Everything was new.

My past studies were almost of no use for the new challenges. I had to learn management, marketing and how to lead a company. Almost every aspect of my personality had to grow to meet the demands we set on ourselves.

It was one of those crossroads again.

Either I was going to go down right there or find a way to become the person who is able to meet those challenges and live up to my own vision for my life.

I was forced to grow.

That was the moment where I dived into personal development and learned the inner personal skills to avoid going down. And it worked out for me.

It was one of the most intense times of my working life. The market-situation didn’t allow the company  to grow and become a big success.

But I got something better. I was able to grow myself.

I realized that I can learn, grow and change myself to anything I want. That was a breakthrough moment and it lead to the critical groundwork and the foundation of the life I can call my own today.

Don’t settle for a life that is not making you happy. Don’t give up if you have to face tough times.

Whatever you need, you can learn it. You can change yourself and what we call „reality“. Nothing is set in stone. And reality is nothing but a concept in our heads.

You can learn and change everything, especially your own programming, which is determining how you see yourself and the world you’re in.

You can also acquire the necessary skills that get you want you want. You’re the king and creator of your world. Realize and use this power today.

3. „Finding What I Love Is The Only Way“

2009 I left my company.

I was basically jobless. Again, a crossroads in my life.

I was facing being broke and giving up my dreams or finding a way to reboot my professional life within the next 3 or so months.

All that scared the hell out of me. But it also gave me a „kick in the butt“ and drove me to take lots of focused action.

That was July 2009. I had 5k Euros in savings—that was it—and I had my mind…with the experience of running a 50-people company for over 9 years.

And I had something called the Internet, that I knew pretty well. It was another breakthrough moment when I realized that I have this huge platform at my fingertips, all I really needed to do was to find the people who wanted what I had to offer.

So I took that 5k, made a plan and invested it. In a training, and in advertising. By the end of the year, I multiplied my 5k times 20.

But it wasn’t quite the thing I wanted. I was still selling other peoples products for a commission. It was lucrative, but I was getting empty inside. Despite the way I was selling it, I had no passion for the particular products.

It became clear that I had to develop my own products, my own business again. Something that I deeply cared about and I loved to do.

So in 2012 I had another breakthrough moment and I decided to start creating my own training courses.

It was a decision that felt just right. Because I had found what I loved.

You have to keep going until you’ve found what you love. You know it in your gut, once you’ve arrived. So keep looking.

Your Breakthrough Moments?

So, if you reflect back…

What were your breakthrough moments in life so far? What were key turning points, where you broke through inner or outer barriers and changed your life for the better?

Let me know in the comments below!

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