„For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.“ ~ Benjamin Franklin

I’m a strong believer that personal development is the best investment you could ever make.

The reason is really simple.

Improving yourself proactively, working on your awareness, improving your skills and knowledge about how you can get to the edge of your potential, all of that is an investment into the greatest asset you’ll always have: Yourself.

I know from my own experience that this is true.

And I know it from the fact that almost every financially successful person started out with a transformation to become the person who is then able to achieve that kind of success.

Personal development comes first, financial success follows. [Tweet this!]

It’s not the other way around.

How People Started Who „Made it“ Financially

For instance Jeff Walker, a guy who I had the privilege getting to know last year is now famously known as the $400 million dollar man (yes, that’s $400,000,000; source: Forbes).

In one of his product launches he actually had a million dollar hour (making $1MM in 1 hour).

When he told his story in one of his videos the underlying message of him starting out with personal development didn’t surprise me at all. In this blog post he says:

„One of the big reasons I’m where I’m at today is because about 15 years ago, after watching the infomercial over and over…

At the time my life was totally flat lining – I wasn’t going anywhere, and I had no prospects. And I had almost no money whatsoever. Spending that $129 was a HUGE decision.

But, like I said… I suspended my disbelief, and I went ahead and picked up the phone and ordered the product. As soon as the product came, I tore into it. I followed every single step…

I was desperate to change my life…

And that was the start of everything… my life went from flat lining onto a trajectory that I still have a hard time believing. I can easily trace everything back to buying that course and going through it.“

Another great example is a person named Brendon Burchard, who was in a car accident, which was the one event making him think about his „miserable life“ (as he called it).

He got inspired, went into a cycle of personal development and reshaping his life, and went on to create 4 different multi-million dollar products, one per year!

The Best Investment You Could Ever Make

I personally went through a cycle of several years running an internet company that wasn’t making me a lot of money at that time. But what happened during that time was much more important.

I started actively looking into personal development, developed my mindset, my goal-setting ability, my time-management… and when I started my new venture, after less than 6 month I was making $123,000 in a week!

Of course, you also have to understand what you are doing to earn that kind of money. But that’s only looking at one side of the coin. The other, and more important side is to grow internally first. And then reap the benefits.

So my message is simple but profound: Invest into yourself first. [Tweet this!]

This is something I strongly believe in. You have to learn these personal techniques that take you forward.

Invest into your own personal development and master yourself and your mind.

Build a strong mindset, discover your purpose in life and learn to tap into your passion. Build a powerful vision and learn to set goals and take action on them. Learn to focus your mind effectively and learn the foundation of time-management and productivity. And then act on it.

This will pay off! Big time.

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