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Hi, this is Myrko Thum. Several years ago I started my own Personal Development system for myself in order to grow rapidly as a human being.

As a teenager I suffered from a clinical depression and got almost no help to recover. I was able to overcome this by myself, by educating myself and by not losing hope (read the full story here).

I even started my own internet company which grew to over 50 employees over a period of 9 years. During that time I perfected my system and added core ideas to grow and be not only successful in my life, but also fulfilled with what I am doing and who I am as an individual person.

With this newsletter you will get the essence of what I think is a natural way to grow as a human being. As soon as you have signed up you will instantly get my completely free 5 Step Intro Course to Personal Development delivered by E-Mail. With those 5 essential steps you will develop the mind-set of a self-sufficient person ready to increase your personal level of success and happiness.

Here is what you will learn from my Personal Development Newsletter within 5 days:

  1. Day: Discover the very first step necessary in order to grow as a human being
  2. Day: Learn what is unconsciously holding you back from fulfilling your potential and being happy and how to change that.
  3. Day: Ignite your burning desire and find your passion in life
  4. Day: Improve your ability to clearly focus on what you want
  5. Day: Increase your physical energy so that you can get anything going that you like

I hope you’ll enjoy my 5 Day Intro Course to Personal Development!

After the course I will give you even more free information whenever I publish them. This is a free personal development newsletter, no charges or obligations whatsoever. After signup you can always opt-out on the rare occasion that you really don’t like it.


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