to-do list hacks

6 Simple To-Do List Hacks to Help You Get Through the Day

“Why can’t I get all of these tasks done in time?!” That question was something I used to ask myself evening after evening, hopelessly glancing over my to-do list for the day. “Is there something wrong with me?! Am I just not good enough at what I do for a living?!” Such thoughts are not particularly […]

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Say No

Say No — to Say Yes to What Matters

Today I want to share a very simple, yet very critical time-management skill that usually is underestimated.

But not having this skill can seriously sabotage your best efforts to get things done and to move towards your goals in life.

The skill I’m talking about is to say no — primarily in your mind — to everything that is not what you really want.

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Make a Move!

Stuck? Just Move on with Your Next Best

I just had a real revelation when I was stopped cold in my creative work by what seemed to me a really difficult problem. I thought about the solution for days. But I just couldn’t find an answer that was really satisfying to me. I was stuck.

And here is the surprising but genius solution to getting unstuck: When you are stuck, just move on with your next best idea.
Instead of thinking and waiting and thinking again, just move on! Use what you currently have and make a step forward.

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More Time

No Time? My Best 10 Hacks to Have More Time for You

Time is one of the most valuable resources you have. How and where you spend your time determines the quality of your life. And you need to get control over your time.

Especially now as I’m personally becoming a father of two baby-girls, I have to rethink how I spend the very little time I have left for me most effectively.

It can be done. Because everybody on the planet has the same amount time. And there are people who get their stuff done.

The first thing you have to realize is this…

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Willpower and Discipline

A Deeper Look at Building Self-Discipline

Still looking back at my last year and inspired by a post by Manal Ghosain, I wanted to reflect on why I wasn’t fully happy with my personal productivity last year. I think it can be really revealing to ask deep questions about what I did in the past. My goal is always to get new insights and to profit from them now and in the future. And I think there are patterns that apply to all of us.

Not being as productive as I could comes down to not spending my time where I should, according to my set priorities.

Why am I doing that? Because I lack self-discipline. It means that still I’m saying “yes” to things that are not important.

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"Simplicity is the Key to Brilliance" ~ Bruce Lee

Simplicity is Your Key to Brilliance

For a while now I try to keep things simple. That means I try to avoid unnecessary additional overhead to what I do, have or I’m in relationship with. I feel like this is one of the very best productivity habits to have. It takes a lot of intelligence to reach that essential state from where things just flow. But I noticed that in order to build the simplicity habit, you have to develop one particular skill.

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Keep Going Runner

How to Keep Going Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

It’s a very common thing: You set out some nice plans and started very motivated with something that seemed so important to you at the time. But then, somehow, it wears off. The initial drive is gone, things seem to be tough again, it’s no fun anymore. And somehow it doesn’t look so interesting anymore, anyway. What happened? The simple answer: You didn’t follow through. But why?

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