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Personal Development that Transforms means real and lasting change. If you are committed to improving yourself, I am committed to helping you to be the best you can be.

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Personal Breakthrough Academy

6-Week Video-Coaching Program to Experience Your Personal Breakthrough

Personal Breakthrough Academy is a 6 week comprehensive video-coaching program where I walk you through the 6 most important mental areas of personal achievement.

The goal is to create so much insight, improvement and growth within you, that you feel a true breakthrough happening.

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The Conscious Mind 10% And Subconscious Mind 90%

How To Empower Your Subconscious Mind

Let’s talk about the absolute core foundation of your life. Let’s talk about your mindset. Because your mindset is… everything. It’s the filter through which you see the world, and even yourself. It’s your “reality”.

In this post (and video) you’ll learn how you can tap into your subconscious mind and get 2 specific techniques to reprogram and empower your mind instantly.

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How to Beat the Self-Employed Isolation

When we’re making the decision to jump from being employed to running our own business, one of the great perks is the opportunity to set our own schedule, without answering to a manager or having to deal with the various demands of a team.

So why is it, when many people first move in to running their own business, one of the first issues that hits is a sense of isolation?

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Self-Discipline: Flip The Script In Your Head

Alarm clock goes off. F*ck me, you think. You’re already annoyed at yourself for setting the damned thing on a Saturday. You hear that same sound every morning 6:45 AM signaling you to get up and go to work. And you always obey. Then on Wednesday, your officemate begged you to listen with him to some […]

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