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The TOP 5 Benefits Of Selling What You Already Know In An Information Product

In the past 3 years I discovered that the best way to monetise my expertise is to package it into an information product that I could sell at a great price online. I summarised the reasons behind why this works so well — especially right now — in this Top-5 list for you:

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TOP 10 Mistakes in Creating & Selling Information Products

For over 3 years now I create and sell (more or less) high-ticket information products. What started as a desire to monetise my content and passion, has now become my core expertise and the heart of my business. And if you’re helping others with your knowledge and experience, I sincerely believe that information products are THE BEST […]

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to-do list hacks

6 Simple To-Do List Hacks to Help You Get Through the Day

“Why can’t I get all of these tasks done in time?!” That question was something I used to ask myself evening after evening, hopelessly glancing over my to-do list for the day. “Is there something wrong with me?! Am I just not good enough at what I do for a living?!” Such thoughts are not particularly […]

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Myrko Thum Personal Development Expert

About Myrko Thum

About Myrko Thum

I’ve specialized in scaling businesses online by developing profitable online products from what you already know and do.

Training Programs

Professional Online Training Programs with Myrko Thum

Myrko Thum's Info Product Masterclass

Info Product Masterclass

5-Week Business Training to Create and Sell Highly Profitable Information Products

Learn my proven 5-step framework for creating and selling highly profitable information products.

If you want to turn what you already know and do into digital products you can easily sell online…

And If you want to scale up your business, build a large following of fans and happy customers all by genuinely helping other people to solve their problems and reach their goals… and get paid for that…

Then this is for you.

Sign up below to download my 5-steps to info product profits PDF!

Personal Breakthrough Academy

6-Week Video-Coaching Program to Get to Your Breakthrough Level

Personal Breakthrough Academy is a 6 week comprehensive video-coaching program where I walk you through the 6 most important mental areas of personal achievement.

The goal is to create so much insight, improvement and growth within you, that you feel a true breakthrough happening.

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