I just had a real revelation when I was stopped cold in my creative work by what seemed to me a really difficult problem. I thought about the solution for days. But I just couldn’t find an answer that was really satisfying to me. I was stuck.

So What Can You Do When You Are Stuck?

Here is the surprising but genius solution:

When you are stuck, just move on with your next best idea. [Tweet this!]

Instead of thinking and waiting and thinking again, just move on! Use what you currently have and make a step forward.

This may not seem perfect, but who wants perfect? Progress is what counts. 

The thing is that most of the time it’s much more important to make progress than to make it perfect. You just don’t have the time. And you don’t want to have the time.

You can make it „perfect“ later on. You will probably optimize on your work, and probably get valuable feedback. This is what makes something perfect – eventually.

Perfect is the enemy of progress. [Tweet this!]

If You Don’t Have a Next Best…

Is this true? Is there really no way to go forward?

The thing is that any step forward changes your perspective and can easily lead to new opportunities. I noticed this myself in my example above.

All of the sudden I developed momentum and I’m in the flow again. Not only this, I made the first step and got great follow-up steps. I would’ve never found those by pure thinking.

So even if you think there is no next best, just make any move and take it from there.

Getting Unstuck

Getting unstuck is really removing inner roadblocks. Sometimes there is resistance inside. Sometimes it’s even unconscious.

Making it conscious, overcoming and dissolving inner resistance, getting real insights, this is the best way to go.

But sometimes the obstacle is the path. Sometimes we need all the little roadblocks to walk forward on them.

The thing is that the solution is not necessarily happening if we pause and start thinking. It can. You can try using self-reflection to find a way forward, but you have to know when to stop this. And this is when you notice that you are stuck.

Build Momentum Again

What you need to do when you’re stuck is to get momentum again. [Tweet this!]

Being stuck is being static. There is zero momentum. In fact there maybe negative momentum because you start getting frustrated.

So the fastest way to break this cycle is to do something and go the next best step. You develop positive momentum again and this is the key.

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