How can I personally be more effective in what I do? How can I get more done of the tasks which are important to me? What are my important tasks in the first place? Here are all articles about improving your productivity and defeating the causes that sometimes keep us from getting started and procrastinating instead of doing what we need to do. A core part of productivity is understanding time-management and to have a productivity system that specifically works for you, which can be simple or more sophisticated. First and foremost productivity starts with what to do: in other words with your GOALS. We also look at what other people such as Stephen Covey said about getting things done. Another area is simplicity which is the approach of keeping life simple in order to stay away from unwanted stress and live a life in balance.

How to Stick to Your Goals and Actually Reach Them

reach your goals

Ok I decided to open up a new category here called “Ask Myrko”. This is where you can send me your questions and every Thursday I will pick one that I think is interesting for most people and answer it. I already got hundreds from you (from those of you who signed up on my newsletter…

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The Small Guide to Get Motivated w/ 3 “Quick Fixes” to Use Right Now

Get Motivated!

Are you looking to get motivated again to get your ohh so important goal done? But somehow it feels so difficult to get your butt up to at least just one tiny little step forward, right?

It’s just not happening…

But why?

And how can you fix this and get your motivation up when you need it? Like… right now?

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Say No — to Say Yes to What Matters

Say No

Today I want to share a very simple, yet very critical time-management skill that usually is underestimated.

But not having this skill can seriously sabotage your best efforts to get things done and to move towards your goals in life.

The skill I’m talking about is to say no — primarily in your mind — to everything that is not what you really want.

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How to Make a New Habit Stick — And Finish Off What You’ve Started

Make a Habit Stick

I will exercise regularly.
I will wake up early.
I will lose that weight.
I will eat more healthy.

How many times have you started something like this only to realise that you never finish doing it? How many times have you tried to eat more greens only to fall back to having none at all? Or perhaps start exercising more only to stop three weeks into the program?

But why is it so difficult to make a new habit stick?

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Start the Day with Your #1 Priority

Start with 1

If you are having difficulties starting productive into your day, wasting time checking emails or facebook, reading news or watching videos, then this might be the cure for you.

Honestly, this is the simplest and best productivity habit I know of. Since I have implemented it into my own working day my productivity doubled — at least!

I call this killer productivity habit: Start with #1.

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The TOP 5 Productivity Killers – And How to Bust Them!

I’m just in the process of shooting the final videos of my upcoming personal development course (more on that soon…) The final module — “Effective Action” — is all about getting done what we’ll have planned in the earlier modules.

So lately I did some interviews with other time-management experts and also people just trying to improve their productivity level. I just wanted to dig really deep and understand the different types of productivity killers that everybody of us is fighting with…

So let’s see what your productivity killers really are…

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Stuck? Just Move on with Your Next Best

Make a Move!

I just had a real revelation when I was stopped cold in my creative work by what seemed to me a really difficult problem. I thought about the solution for days. But I just couldn’t find an answer that was really satisfying to me. I was stuck.

And here is the surprising but genius solution to getting unstuck: When you are stuck, just move on with your next best idea.
Instead of thinking and waiting and thinking again, just move on! Use what you currently have and make a step forward.

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