Sometimes when you are in a small rut you need some push and inspiration that will force you to get back to real personal growth. If you are lacking motivation or inspiration, don’t fall into the trap of complacency and not doing. This won’t work for long. Nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved by doing nothing or by hovering in this hole of „knowing everything“.

The question is: Are you doing what you know? On a regular basis? Or are you happy with just knowing? If you are not doing it, you don’t know it. It’s as simple as that. Just by knowing you achieve nothing. You haven’t used and experienced it. So stop deluding yourself right there.

I say this to myself more often than you might think. It’s an almost natural thing that life has it’s up and downs from time to time. So what are the best methods to finally push us over the edge and force us to actually do what we know?

1. Surround Yourself with More Successful People

Surrounding yourself with people who do better than you can be hugely inspiring – if you are able to bare the pain that you will get by recognizing that they are better than you. You’ve got to take on this challenge.

But what these people do is they pull you out of your comfort zone, a zone where you are not really growing anymore and where you don’t live up to your full potential. This kind of discomfort is exactly what you are looking for to make changes with impact.

So surround yourself with people who are already successful and are willing to support you in some way. Could be friends, could be a mentor, could be colleagues, or could be just someone who inspires you in any way.

2. Demand More from Yourself than Anybody Else

Putting more demand on yourself is bringing you straight to the pathway to personal growth. To grow means to fulfill a higher demand on yourself. An the best motivation is always motivation that comes from deep down inside.

Of course, you can also put yourself out there and put demand on yourself from the outside world. This triggers personal growth as well. It’s important to time external demand so you can actually fulfill the demand and the level of stress is bearable. Some stress is good stress.

3. Think Bigger

If you set yourself a goal that is way outside of your current situation, that kind of goal will force you to grow for sure. You have to see a vision for yourself that excites you and makes you anticipate what lays ahead, to the degree that you can’t wait to jump out of your bed in the morning and get working on fulfilling your vision.

I feel it’s best to think big, but think doable eventually. Some people may say otherwise, but I believe a goal must feel achievable in order to produce that achiever drive to really kick in. Still it differs from individual to individual, and the most important thing is: your vision and goals have to fuel and motivate yourself naturally to get going.

4. Get Negative Feedback

I noticed that when you don’t get negative feedback, you probably haven’t asked the right people yet. There are two extremes in getting feedback: the first are the Yeasayers and the second are the Naysayers.

Yeasayers are nice to have (and if you don’t have any, there might indeed be something wrong…?!), but those are not driving you forward and making you better. They are just not that into your stuff, it’s not that important to them to really think through all your questions, but they generally acknowledge that they like your stuff.

Naysayers will always dislike and criticize what you do, no matter what. Their main motivation comes not necessarily from what you do, but more from what they do or don’t do. They are dissatisfied with themselves in some way and maybe fearful that you will do exactly what they dream of. You know that you are on to something if you get feedback from these folks. (If you don’t have Naysayers, there might be something wrong too…)

Now there are the kind of people who actually think through your stuff and can give you valuable feedback. They challenge you and that is a good think. They make you think and optimize and improve. They show you a new angle, a new perspective to look at things. They have objections and want you to answer those. This is the kind of „negative“ and constructive feedback you are yearning for. This helps you to grow.

5. Fail More Often

You must have the courage and take bold action even when you are not sure that everything will work out perfectly. Perfectionism is a blocker. You got to face your fear of failure and take the risk of failing. Only this makes you grow more rapidly and show you all the things you still have to learn.

Failing more often may sound a little counter-intuitive, what you actually wanna do is to succeed of course. But you got to get over that fear of failure and what is better to eliminate your fears than facing them? Right. Nothing.

Taking bold action and going forward every day is what makes you a success. You’ve got to do whatever it takes and defeat that pesky fear of failure is the key.

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