„You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead.“ ~ George Lucas

It’s a very common thing: You set out some nice plans and started very motivated with something that seemed so important to you at the time. But then, somehow, it wears off. The initial drive is gone, things seem to be tough again, it’s no fun anymore. And somehow it doesn’t look so interesting anymore, anyway.

What happened?

The simple answer: You didn’t follow through.


That’s the big question and in the answer there lies also the hint on how to deal with the „If You Don’t Feel Like It“ part.

Why Don’t You Feel Like It“?

The reason for this feeling may either be

a) Lack of Clarity

If what you want to do is somehow fuzzy, you lack clarity. I keep getting side-tracked. You forget next steps. This makes it hard and ineffective to develop a clear focus on how go on.

b) Lack of Energy

It may be that you are just very exhausted and lack the energy to follow through. This can be tackled by re-organizing yourself and by simplifying where it is possible as well as by increasing your general energy level.

c) Lack of Real Motivation

Why do you want to do it? It can be helpful to ask this question and connect with your reason why you wanted to start in the first place. This will give you the real motivation (or not if you reason didn’t had that much substance). You can’t lose track of your BIG WHY, which is your ultimate reason to do something.

How to Turn „I Don’t Feel Like It“ into „I Can’t Wait to Get Going“?

So let’s see how you can tackle these reasons and turn yourself around:

#1 Refresh Your BIG WHY

Maybe your reason to do it isn’t as exciting as you once thought. If that’s really the case, well then there isn’t much harm done. Look for something better.

But this is a tricky part. You’ve got to do some soul searching here. Sometimes it is right to quit, but probably not. In any case, try to look deep into your BIG WHY and re-discover it. Take your time.

There is an interesting little book by Seth Godin (80 pages) called [amazon asin=1591841666&text=“The Dip“] that teaches you when to quit and when to stick. Maybe [amazon asin=1591841666&text=have a look].

Rediscovering your BIG WHY will help you to get going again.

#2 Baby Steps

In fact I’m totally pumped right now to start quite a big project with which I had some difficulties to get it going. How did I turn around now?

The answer is that I had some very small successes. I made some baby steps and build some momentum.

So don’t think about your whole project when you do one task. Chunk it down into very small tasks and complete those. Then you feel a small success when you complete these tiny tasks and you’ll build your own momentum. Pretty soon you’ll can’t wait to go on to the next baby step.

#3 Visualize Your End-Result

When you visualize your end-result try to make it as clear and bright as possible. See yourself at the end and try to imagine all kinds of sense sensations that would juice you up. Feel how good you would feel when you reached the result. Feel as you would be there. I think Anthony Robbins called this technique emotional flooding.

Seeing your end-result connects you again with your BIG WHY. More importantly it connects you with your biggest emotions that you associate with your end-result. This should give you real drive naturally.

#4 Clarify

What else is in your way? What is blocking you and makes you feel like that? If you do some self-reflection and clarify these blocks, you can then remove them.

If it’s just the way that is not clear, I would suggest to go back to your baby steps and set those as clear goals with action-steps. This makes up your mind and gives you a clear roadmap to travel along.

#5 Schedule It

One of the most common reasons for not following through is that somehow you got side-tracked. That means although it is really important to you, there was something else in front of you. The question is: did you just procrastinate or didn’t you really had no time left.

In any way, scheduling your tasks make them real. Put them into your calender, set up an alert. Make them a priority and start working on them first thing in the morning.

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