In 13th century Scotland there was a freedom fighter named William Wallace. You probably know about him because Mel Gibson portrayed him in the movie Braveheart.

In a time when most people in Scotland were willing to settle, Wallace wanted more for himself and for his people. Getting there was something that probably seemed impossible, to win freedom from a ruthless king probably seemed insurmountable.

There has been some debate about the accuracy of the movie but one line in the movie really caught my attention. At one point in the movie the nobles ask Wallace what he’ll do next, he tells them he’ll invade England.

They laugh and tell him it’s impossible, he then says:

„Why? Why is that impossible? You’re so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshank’s table that you’ve missed your God given right to something better.“


This may just be a line from movie but the sad thing is that this is how most people live their lives, they’re content with the scraps and completely ignore their right to a better life.

Whether it’s working at a job you hate, living in a place that makes you miserable or looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognizing yourself.

Whether it’s a life of regret and unfulfilled dreams or too many times you’ve listened to all those doubts and fears. The bottom line is we settle instead of soaring.

This is Who I was…

For 12 years of my life, this was how I lived. I believed all my doubts and fears, I made every excuse in the book. I believed all those people that told me it wasn’t possible, I believed the ones that told me I didn’t have enough education.

I was content to just pretend instead of listening to what I knew my heart was screaming at me:

Don’t settle!

Once I woke up like William Wallace and could finally „see it“, a major shift happened in my mind that lead to where I’m at today.

I went from delivering bread at midnight for 12 years to self-publishing two ebooks that sold over 80,000 copies, the second ebook got picked up by a publisher and hit book stores this past May. I started speaking and in the last two years spoke at conferences in 12 states and 10 countries.

I’m now completely supported by a location independent, freedom based online business and on April 8th of this year, our family is following a life-long dream and moving to Hawaii!

I don’t know where you’re at in your life right now but I’m guessing seeing it and believing it is something that you might be dealing with right now.

Don’t settle

Life is far to short to settle.

We’re not guaranteed anything and time is something we’ll never get back, so why waste it on regret? Why waste it doing things that we don’t really want to do, living a life someone else thinks we should live?

Go after all those dreams and passions! Don’t hold them inside anymore!

No matter where you’re at, no matter what’s going on, you can make your dream life your real life.

You Deserve So Much More

We are all destined for amazing things, we just never fully realize it or believe it.

I know many that read this blog want to add value, want to help people get through difficult situations, have a passion to make this a better world.

You can do it!

You deserve to be happy, you deserve an incredible life but it’s up to you to claim it and make it a reality.

Take Action, Claim the Life You Truly Deserve

At the end of the day you have to take action on your passion, you have to chase those dreams before they can become a reality. Everywhere you look, you’re seeing stories about how New Years Resolutions don’t work.

Yes, most people do give up but you don’t have to be most people.


This is my development last year.

I set five main resolutions last year and in the end I lost 133 pounds, ran 658 miles, travelled to 6 countries to speak, became completely supported by my online business, and our family got one-way tickets for our Hawaii move.

Was I going hard all year to hit these goals? NO!
Did I quit, make excuses, fail? YES!

The key is I got back up and kept pushing forward. So, if you set some resolutions/goals and fall down, get back up.

Don’t listen to what others tell you what is right for you, don’t give them that power. Determine what YOU want to accomplish this year and go after it with everything you’ve got. If you fall down or get frustrated, lick your wounds, get back up and keep pushing forward. This is YOUR year!

What are some big, hairy goals you’re setting this year?

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