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What is Personal Development?

For me, Personal Development is the continuous progression of personal growth by expanding my self-awareness and improving my personal skills. By progression I mean that there are essential steps to take when starting out with Personal Development. I believe that in the process of personal growth there are specific milestones to reach, and that without tackling these, personal development is not really possible or at least not complete.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Time-Management

Time-Management is not only something for managers and leaders. It is a topic that everyone can benefit from, especially if we want to get ahead and make a difference in our lives: "Where should I spend my time on? What is important?" On the other hand we have questions like "How can I spend my time in the best way possible? How can I get the most out of it?"

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How to Plan Your Week: 4 Steps to Productivity

This is a very practical posting in which I will show you my personal weekly planning process. I hope you can use and adapt it for your own productivity and success. It is basically my own mixture of systems from Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey and David Allen with a little bit of today’s technology powered by Steve Jobs.

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2 Minutes for a Calm Mind

A quiet mind is the centerpiece of any relaxation technique. And a quiet mind is developed only through skill and practice. Because stress is automatic but relaxation is learned. Stress Relief Training provides the skills and practice needed to reduce stress in the mind and body …

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A Matter of Perspective

Have you ever fought about a position you had with another person and you simply couldn’t figure out why he or she just could not agree with you? It seemed so obvious and so darn right. "What is the matter with you? Can’t you see that I am right?"

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