When you know your personal strengths you create more clarity for your life. You know on which abilities you should focus on to make a difference with your personal abilities.

In the post a couple of weeks ago called What Are Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses? you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to your advantage, especially for your career and the job-market. You would focus on your strength when selecting your career and you would also mention them in job-interviews.

But what if many people have the strengths that you have? What if many people are creative, empathic, analytic or outspoken? Of course you can use your individual set of strengths and the right idea, find your voice and make a difference.

But a very interesting and different question is this:

What is it that you do better than anybody else?

Which of your personal strengths is really rare? Or even unique?

Your Greatest Personal Strength

This is a very intelligent question to ask, because this will guide you to where you have a natural skill that is better than with most other people. This could help you to discover your purpose and do something that really lets you unfold your full potential.

So what is it that you do much better than most other people?
What is it that is easy for you, while most other people seem to have difficulties with?

For me, I identified the following unique strength: 

„Seeing the Essence“

Seeing the essence means I can easily get to the heart of something very quickly, avoiding all the layers and distractions on top of it. It also means that I have a sense for if something would create resistance in the future of if I’m on a clear (the right) path.

I think the advantage of this is of course, that I can quickly find relevant information and understand the core of something, for instance knowledge, without getting disturbed by things that would not help me further, simply because I blend them out as not being essential.

This strength helps me to accelerate things because I don’t get down to the wrong paths too often.

It also helps me to understand knowledge. And then work with it and possibly add to it, and also to teach it. This again helps to define my purpose and follow my passion, and ultimately be of use for other people.

What is Your Greatest Personal Strength?

So give it some real thoughts. What is it that is your strength, but not most others?

To find your greatest personal strength do the following:

  1. Define your list of your 10 personal strengths by clicking here.
  2. Think about which one of these might be unique to you? Which one is rather a weakness for most other people you know?
  3. Circle this one most unique personal strength and start focusing on it more in what you do

Let me know in the comments what your greatest personal strength is!

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