Get Your Life Back In Order: The 6 Main Culprits of an Unstable Life

Puzzle Pieces

Does your life sometimes feel like a constant rollercoaster ride – full of emotional ups and downs? Are you tired of the feeling of being ‘off centre’? I’ve been there myself, and I now know that life don’t have to be this way. There’s an alternative. This alternative path involves a solid foundation you’re then able to live from. It leads to emotional immunity even in face of matters that would normally cause you upset.

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How to Plan Your Week: 4 Steps to Productivity

Steve Jobs presenting iCal

This is a very practical posting in which I will show you my personal weekly planning process. I hope you can use and adapt it for your own productivity and success. It is basically my own mixture of systems from Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey and David Allen with a little bit of today’s technology powered by Steve Jobs.

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