Myrko at the Beach in Maui

The 3 Breakthrough Moments Of My Lifetime

Why are we interested in personal development? It’s because we want to improve ourselves. We want to be the best we can be and live fully, right? But that’s not the real reason. Why would you want to improve yourself if there wouldn’t be a greater promise connected to it? The real reason is because we all […]

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Make a Real Decision

How to Make a Good Decision

Recently I’m looking for a new home here in Berlin. Since we are looking to become a family soon, it’s time for a change. The market has gotten a lot tougher here in the last 2 years, which was when I first moved here. Many good homes are gone or overly pricy now.
Still, finally we thought we found something right. So we made the deal only to realize the day after that if you are really it’s just too loud with the traffic outside, especially for a family. So we want to get out again and have produced a bit of a mess all by ourself.
It wasn’t a good decision. That kept me wondering how this really bad decision could’ve happened in the first place?

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This is it.

Don’t think. Do.

This is kind of my mantra at the moment. It’s amazing how much time I can waste trying to over-think a situation sometimes. There is a name for that: paralysis by analysis. So lately I deliberately prohibit myself to do excessive over-thinking and analyzing of a situation. Instead I force myself to just act… Here are the 5 best hacks to stop over-thinking and take effective action again.

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Clear Your Mind

How to Get Clarity When it Comes to Making Life-Changing Decisions

I recently got an email from a reader about the difficulties when it comes to go after your passion and to make life-changing decisions. When we want to make changes in our life I think the most important thing is to get clarity of what exactly we want. Read how we can get clearer and where we can get the ressources to make the change stick.

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