The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make Changing Their Life

Are you feeling jaded?

Like the life you have worked so hard to create is not actually what you thought it was? You’ve worked really hard to achieve that place called success but now you are there it all feels rather empty and meaningless?

You’re not alone.

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Reflect on Your Life

What to Do When Life Sucks

Sometimes things just don’t go as you’d wish them to go. One adversity after another sweeps into your life like waves on a shore coming against you. Everything seems to have come together in a little conspiracy. Life sucks.

If such a series of adversities happens, your life can get really overwhelming and questions like “Why is this happening to me?” or “What I have done to deserve this?” pop up in the mind. But those questions are not really helping, especially not in that state of overwhelm, anger, frustration or even depression…

So what can you do inside and out to cope?

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Acceptance of What Is

Acceptance of What Is: How to Align Yourself with Truth

Acceptance seems to be one of the most misunderstood concepts in the whole personal development field. Still, I’m convinced that acceptance is a fundamental prerequisite to grow as a human being.

Because without accepting your current reality and yourself, real growth is almost impossible. And the reason for that is that you wouldn’t be aligned with the truth and would operate on a inaccurate basis, which can only lead to inaccurate results.

So let’s see how you can accept your current reality and align yourself with the truth of what is…

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No Goals Good Time

Is No Goal the Better Goal?

I personally believe in the power of setting the right goals in order to make difficult changes in my life. But I also enjoy my time of feeling just in flow with what I do and create really good results this way. Can you only get what you want and be really productive by setting goals or is there also a way without goals? Let’s see if the no goals approach has any merit to it and if even the goal-setting idea is something of the past…

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Change Your Life

Do You Make These 5 Mistakes Trying to Change Your Life?

What makes people change? What makes you change, for the better? This is basically the central question of my work here. Because when you write a personal development blog you finally come to the question of what prevents my readers from having the success they want? What is it that despite very best intentions, ruins all efforts to make and maintain a positive change in life?

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Runner Making Progress

How to Get Ahead and Make Progress in Your Life

Despite being really busy, have you ever had the feeling of treading water in your life? There is a lot going on, still you’re not really feeling you make progress? In order to be happy and fulfilled you have to grow. To grow is a fundamental human need. And this simply means you need to make real progress in your life. Progress means you are getting ahead. It means you are getting real results and are moving step by step closer to your goals.

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Clear Your Mind

How to Get Clarity When it Comes to Making Life-Changing Decisions

I recently got an email from a reader about the difficulties when it comes to go after your passion and to make life-changing decisions. When we want to make changes in our life I think the most important thing is to get clarity of what exactly we want. Read how we can get clearer and where we can get the ressources to make the change stick.

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