Start Your New Year with my Best Posts from 2013

What do you want to change in this year?

What is the most important thing you want to achieve?

Is it something specific like a job, a business, your income-level or about your health?
Or is it something personal like a self-improvement, being a more positive- or result-oriented person? Or a improvement in your relationship? A new relationship?

An end is also always the beginning of something new. Use this new beginning to reflect back on your last year.

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Every End is A New Beginning – My Best Posts of 2012

A year comes to an end, and a new year starts. Does that mean anything?
It’s just a date, a coincidental point in time switching one second to the next, and by that switching a whole year.
Life isn’t always perfect. The last year wasn’t perfect for you. But it had it’s very bright sides. And some darker ones, too. That’s what life is. The important thing is to never give up and look for the good in everything. You’ll find it.

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Welcome, this is Myrko Thum. I’m writing this personal development blog along with my newsletter, which kicks off with my 5 Day Intro Course for free when you subscribe. My headline “Personal Development that Transforms” means real and lasting change. If you are committed to improving yourself, I am committed to helping you to be the best you […]

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AwakeBlogger becomes MyrkoThum.com

AwakeBlogger.com is now officially MyrkoThum.com and here you can read a bit more of what I have planned for the future. One reason is that I think it can still look a bit unprofessional to carry the word “blogger” in the name. The other reason is with using my real name comes also more commitment …

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Goal Achievers

The Goal Achiever – A New Business Idea

This is a summary of a business idea for goal-setting. I’m currently thinking about starting a new internet based business that is very close to my heart. It’s about personal development and especially about goal achievement.

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awakeblogger.com — Personal Development and Spirituality

Start of AwakeBlogger.com and the Course of This Blog

This is the post when I started AwakeBlogger.com (making the first rename from CANEIblog.com). It was based on the philosophy of Constant And Never Ending Improvement and became infused with a lot of spiritual content when I read The Power of Now from Eckhart Tolle.

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