"Simplicity is the Key to Brilliance" ~ Bruce Lee

Simplicity is Your Key to Brilliance

For a while now I try to keep things simple. That means I try to avoid unnecessary additional overhead to what I do, have or I’m in relationship with. I feel like this is one of the very best productivity habits to have. It takes a lot of intelligence to reach that essential state from where things just flow. But I noticed that in order to build the simplicity habit, you have to develop one particular skill.

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Be Stress-Free

Cure the Stress: Ways to Reduce Stress & Still Be Productive and Successful

I notice with a lot of people here on my blog and in my own life that when they go out and make something happen, they automatically fall into this trap of creating huge stress as well. The really bad thing here is that it not only burns you out really quickly, your life can become very miserable during that time too. This is totally unnecessary. Learn 5 effective ways to cure stress and reduce stress to your preferred level without lowering productivity or success.

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Simplify! The Simplicity Guide to Live a Simple Life

Simplicity is all about essence. And purpose. It is what is left when we intelligently take away all that is not necessary. So how can we simplify our life? In this “Guide to Live a Simple Life” you’ll read how to live purposeful, successful and fulfilled and yet simple.

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