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Your 10 Most Pressing Life Problems (Case Study with 1,287 Readers)

I just finished reviewing all the answers that my loyal email list subscribers gave me right after subscribing to my personal development newsletter for the 5 Day Intro Course. This was some real insight for me and I will work hard to deliver solutions for all these wishes, hopes and problems you want to solve in life. Thank you for this truly great feedback!

The question I asked was:

“If I could help you with one single thing in your life, what would that be?”

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Rejection is Better than Inaction

Why Rejection is Better Than Inaction

There it was, the moment in which I made my exit after conversing with a beautiful girl for the past 30 minutes.
The time came and I already had mentioned I needed somewhere to be, so now’s the time to get the number; it’s either now or never. You know you’re never going to see her again. Just ask for the number; she obviously likes you. Then I walk away, with “It was great to meet you.” A quick exchange of smiles occurs.

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Healthy Family Habits

Building Healthy Family Habits: A Guide for the Busy Family

We live in a busy world where multi-tasking is the norm. This is especially true for today’s parents, who must juggle work, childcare, extracurricular activities, exercise, errands, housework and playtime. It’s really no wonder that parents feel stretched for time, especially in a society that views intensive parenting as the norm. The journey to a healthy lifestyle begins with habits. Building healthy routines doesn’t necessarily take extra work, but it does require extra attention.

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