Make a Move!

Stuck? Just Move on with Your Next Best

I just had a real revelation when I was stopped cold in my creative work by what seemed to me a really difficult problem. I thought about the solution for days. But I just couldn’t find an answer that was really satisfying to me. I was stuck.

And here is the surprising but genius solution to getting unstuck: When you are stuck, just move on with your next best idea.
Instead of thinking and waiting and thinking again, just move on! Use what you currently have and make a step forward.

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Keep Going Runner

How to Keep Going Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

It’s a very common thing: You set out some nice plans and started very motivated with something that seemed so important to you at the time. But then, somehow, it wears off. The initial drive is gone, things seem to be tough again, it’s no fun anymore. And somehow it doesn’t look so interesting anymore, anyway. What happened? The simple answer: You didn’t follow through. But why?

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Runner Making Progress

How to Get Ahead and Make Progress in Your Life

Despite being really busy, have you ever had the feeling of treading water in your life? There is a lot going on, still you’re not really feeling you make progress? In order to be happy and fulfilled you have to grow. To grow is a fundamental human need. And this simply means you need to make real progress in your life. Progress means you are getting ahead. It means you are getting real results and are moving step by step closer to your goals.

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