Say No

Say No — to Say Yes to What Matters

Today I want to share a very simple, yet very critical time-management skill that usually is underestimated.

But not having this skill can seriously sabotage your best efforts to get things done and to move towards your goals in life.

The skill I’m talking about is to say no — primarily in your mind — to everything that is not what you really want.

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Keep Going Runner

How to Keep Going Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

It’s a very common thing: You set out some nice plans and started very motivated with something that seemed so important to you at the time. But then, somehow, it wears off. The initial drive is gone, things seem to be tough again, it’s no fun anymore. And somehow it doesn’t look so interesting anymore, anyway. What happened? The simple answer: You didn’t follow through. But why?

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Stop Procrastination

Stop Procrastination by Answering 3 Simple Questions

Today I want to tackle a common problem we all have, probably regularly. It’s the habit of putting things off that we should do: procrastination. And I think I have a simple and sweet solution to stop procrastination at the end of this post. And all that without any time-management stuff …

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Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Getting started often seems so hard and it’s blocking our progress. There is this thing we need first and the other that is holding us back. But is this really true? Or are those self-limiting beliefs, out of fear maybe? How can we overcome this?

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