Personal Values

Do You Know Your Personal Values?

Have you ever asked yourself what the real influences of your decisions are? Why you prefer one situation over another? For instance why do you prefer being employed over working on your own?
It’s not primarily due to the circumstances or your emotions, especially not when there was a real decision involved. So why are you making these decisions then?
The answer lies at the core of your character, of what defines you as a person; and that is your personal value system.

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Do What You Love

How to Follow Your Passion and Do What You Love without Going Broke

There has been some real controversy about following your passion. People like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates say to do what you really love is the number one key to success. Others point out that follow your passion could be the worst advice ever given. What is true? Let’s find out why it can be dangerous to blindly follow your passion and how we can make it the right way instead.

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