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The 3 Breakthrough Moments Of My Lifetime

Why are we interested in personal development? It’s because we want to improve ourselves. We want to be the best we can be and live fully, right? But that’s not the real reason. Why would you want to improve yourself if there wouldn’t be a greater promise connected to it? The real reason is because we all […]

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6 Practical Tools that You Should Use to Improve Learning

In this post Ludvig Sunström is going to briefly outline his framework for learning – a method for getting these neurons to fire together more efficiently – and how he has been able to radically boost and speed up the amount of information that he can learn and memorize:

In the past year I’ve radically improved my ability to learn and memorize information, and you can too, by using the following six practical tools to simplify and diversify the required repetitions…

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How to Read and Understand

How to Read Books & Understand and Use New Knowledge

I personally love learning new things. Well thinking about it, that’s not entirely true. I love learning relevant new things. Having to learn irrelevant knowledge (as in my university) is not only boring and a waste of time, it almost feels like torture. This post is inspired by a comment on my article about the 10 best self help books ever. Thanks to reader Suhel I’m discussing the topic of how to read books.

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

5 Surprisingly Comfortable Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I know, comfortable ways out of the comfort zone sounds a bit like a paradox, but I want to emphasize that you don’t have to start bungee-jumping in order to get out of your comfort zone. It’s not that melodramatic and it’s not that clever either. What you want to do is create a well-balanced life where you learn and grow continuously being on the border of your comfort zone. Here a 5 ways that can help you to achieve exactly that.

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Self Help Books

The 10 Best Self Help Books You Have to Read Before You Die

I often get asked which self help books I’d recommend to read. Some self help books were a great on the path of personal growth and some were even life-changing. I personally read hundreds of personal development books in the past and this is my list of 10 books I would recommend to everybody without a second thought.

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listen to audio books

Audio Books: A Beginners Guide to Audio-Learning

Audio-learning with audio books is one of the best methods to get new high-quality knowledge. This guide will introduce you into the world of audio learning and show you how you can get the most out of it..

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