Dalai Lama

Top 10 Inspirational Dalai Lama Quotes

Here are the best 10 quotes from the Dalai Lama. The reason for me posting them is that many quotes are a kind of essence of what these intelligent and wise people learned throughout their lives. That’s why I also think it’s very worthwhile to think about them ourselves.

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spirituality vs. success

Spirituality vs. Success ?

One nagging issue I had was the seemingly conflict between the drive to success and spiritual being. Can we merge the two together to be even better? The important difference is that such things as success become enjoyable things …

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Lao Tzu

Top 10 Most Inspiring Lao Tzu Quotes

Lao Tzu was the most important spiritual Chinese sage. His name literally means “Old Master” and Lao Tzu is the father of the Chinese spiritual tradition Taoism, mainly because of his text called “Tao te Ching”. Here are the top 10 Lao Tzu Quotes.

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2 Perspectives

A Matter of Perspective

Have you ever fought about a position you had with another person and you simply couldn’t figure out why he or she just could not agree with you? It seemed so obvious and so darn right. "What is the matter with you? Can’t you see that I am right?"

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Interview with Evelyn Lim of AbundanceTapestry.com

When I started my blog, one of the very first blogs and blogger I had the pleasure getting to know was Evelyn from AbundanceTapestry.com.
She seemed to have a very warm and friendly attitude and a razor-sharp mind. “Attract Abundance With Your Mind” is the tagline of this blog which covers topics from “The law of attraction” and positive thinking to goal-setting and attracting a happier live in general.

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The Best Zen Stories

The 10 Very Best Zen Stories

Many teachings from Zen-Buddhism are told in short and delightful zen stories. They are usually designed to develop the mind and to free it from distortions and so to connect with our spirit. Most of them are really inspiring and enlightening. The following 10 Best Zen Stories are a selection of the ones I found most inspiring and really worth to ponder about.

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Confucius Says: Top 10 Confucius Quotes

Confucius says: The Top 10 Wise Confucius Quotes

Confucius is one of the most quoted personalities ever. He is so popular that there is a special “Confucius says …” joke-selection! Here we take a look at 10 of the most inspiring Confucius quotes. Many of them are universal and timeless in their beautiful and simple truth.

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