6 Practical Tools that You Should Use to Improve Learning

In this post Ludvig Sunström is going to briefly outline his framework for learning – a method for getting these neurons to fire together more efficiently – and how he has been able to radically boost and speed up the amount of information that he can learn and memorize:

In the past year I’ve radically improved my ability to learn and memorize information, and you can too, by using the following six practical tools to simplify and diversify the required repetitions…

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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Overcome Jealousy

I believe at the core of comparing lies the fear of inferiority. Feeling inferior or inadequate is really hard to tolerate, so we do anything to check if there is a slight chance of being inadequate. This need to validate yourself leads to comparing, in the hope to come to the conclusion that you are ok. Then you know that you are enough.

So in this post I’m going to answer the first questions to my latest “Ask me Anything!” email. The topic is jealousy and how to stop comparing yourself to others. We will look at 4 methods to break the habit of comparing yourself to others and at more constructive ways how you can deal with jealousy if you feel it.

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Biggest Personal Strength

Your Greatest Personal Strength (Get an Unfair Advantage)

When you know your personal strengths you create more clarity for your life. You know on which abilities you should focus on to make a difference with your personal abilities.
But what if many people have the strengths that you have? What if many people are creative, empathic, analytic or outspoken? Of course you can use your individual set of strengths and the right idea, find your voice and make a difference.
But a very interesting and different question is this:
Which of your personal strengths is really rare? Or even unique?

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4 Ways to Keep it Real with Self-Help

Is Self-Help Actually Helping You?
If you answered no, it’s okay.
There’s a huge problem with self-help.
It’s not real.

That means it’s not realistic and certain aspects of self-help actually borders on being lies, straight up.
Or have you wondered why, after reading up on so self-help that you still don’t feel like a better person?

That’s where the problems come in.

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Rejection is Better than Inaction

Why Rejection is Better Than Inaction

There it was, the moment in which I made my exit after conversing with a beautiful girl for the past 30 minutes.
The time came and I already had mentioned I needed somewhere to be, so now’s the time to get the number; it’s either now or never. You know you’re never going to see her again. Just ask for the number; she obviously likes you. Then I walk away, with “It was great to meet you.” A quick exchange of smiles occurs.

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Cure Insomnia

Insomnia: How I Cured my Insomnia Problem

Lying awake in the middle of the night torments me. I worry about being too tired in the morning. I toss and turn for hours on end. You have no idea how stressful this is unless you suffer from it yourself.

Read in this guest post how Michael learned more about his insomnia problem and then was even able to reevaluate the whole situation coming out on top of it…

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Rock with Self-Discipline

Rock Your World With Self-Discipline

Self discipline is something you just can’t neglect if you want to succeed in any major venture in life. A very interesting thing to note is that while you can achieve any goal with nothing but only self discipline, you can hardly achieve anything at all without self discipline.
I love this definition of self discipline: “Self Discipline is taking action irrespective of your emotional state.” Let’s take a greater look at why self discipline is so important…

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