For the time being I decided to open up to guest-posts again. So thanks for your interest in contributing and guest posting on MyrkoThum.com.

What to Write About?

Most Importantly: Write about what you know best. What is essentially expressing yourself? Relate to your own personal story! That’s what inspires and interests others.

This is obviously a Personal Development Blog. The following topics a good choice to submit a guest post to me:

  • Personal Development
  • Self Improvement and Self Help in general
  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Lifestyle Business
  • Success
  • Life Balance
  • Inspiration
  • Spirituality (present living, meditation, zen, awakening)
  • Mind & Body
  • Simplicity
  • Money Mindset

For more inspiration take a look at my archive page with all topics and posts.

I Don’t Accept:

  • Please note that I do not accept posts sent from agents, publicists, or assistants. I like to connect directly with everyone who writes for the site!
  • Adult, News, Tech, Blogging, Business, Internet Marketing, Making Money, Affiliate-Posts (something to promote Affiliate products), Weight Loss, Games, and anything Off-Topic.

What do you get from your guest post?

  • 2 Backlinks to your website within the post (1 in the content and 1 in the author box below the post)
  • Exposure on my homepage and recent post (on every blog page) as well as my social media pages

Writing Style:

  • Be PERSONAL. One thing I don’t want is general and common knowledge, or a writing in an impersonal style or as in a boulevard magazine. If you give advice, write how you discovered it and how your personal path has led you there. Write as you speak. Bring across that you are a real person with real emotions. Be personal and make a real connection with the reader!
  • Share something of REAL VALUE. Something that you would spend your time on reading, even if you only could read this one article. If you write guest posts primarily to promote your site (are you even working for an agency?), forget it.
    I want authors who really have to say something.
  • Quality is King. Write something ORIGINAL, reread it and check on grammar etc.
  • You Guest-Post obviously has to have UNIQUE content. It is exclusively for MyrkoThum.com and cannot be used anywhere else. Of course you could do a teaser and a link from your website, social media etc. to it.


  • I suggest to stay between 600 and 1500 words
  • Do Your Keyword Research: Select a title with your main keyword in it and optimize your post for it
    More information here: Keyword Research Posts or Beginners Guide to SEO
  • use a compelling headline that represents your post and gets attention
    Inspiration here: Posts about writing great headlines
  • select a main picture for your post (with the credits if needed!) and send it along, since I always use a picture as you can see. Format must be in 3×4 format. (if you don’t send one, I will select one)

Guest Post Guidelines:

Best is to send it over as a WORD Document.

If you use HTML, clean up your HTML:

  • use for lists: <ul><li>…</li><ul> or for numbered lists: <ol><li>…</li><ol>
  • use <h2> for your sub-headlines and <h3> or <h4> for your sub-sub-headlines
  • don’t open links in new windows (no target=”_blank”), I don’t use this here
  • obviously don’t put extra links to your site besides the 2 mentioned above, I won’t approve it, helpful outbound links (wikipedia etc.) are welcomed

How to Submit your Guest Post:

Important: Don’t ask if you could guest-post or what topic to write on. Write your best post and send it over!

Send it via email to guestpost at myrkothum.com (preferred) or just use my contact form.

Examples for Past Guest Posts:

You can find all guest-posts here.

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