Anxiety Butterflies

The Effortless Way to Get Your Anxiety Butterflies Flying in Formation

Flying and learning to fly had its moments and just like the process I used to keep the engine properly handled and in good operating condition, I had to learn healthy ways to dissipate my own build up of internal energy (better known as anxiety) !

I discovered early in the game that if I didn’t deal with the butterflies of anticipation and nervousness that often preceded a big flying event, not only was I defocused and jittery but I also could not enjoy the exquisite experience in which I was participating.

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Life Advice for Kids

The Life Advice I Will Give to My Kids

I’m going to be a father very soon. It will be two girls – so you can imagine how excited I am.

I took some time to reflect and think about how I would like to be as a father. What kind of advice can I give to my kids to help them in their life? What insights did I make, sometimes painfully, sometimes with joy, that I want to pass on to my kids?

Think about it…
If you have kids (or want to have kids), what one lesson would want them to learn from you?

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Walking the Fine Line Between Compassion and Asserting Yourself

Have you ever had the situation where you wanted to live by compassion with other people but then been taken advantage of? Did you ever wanted to be kind but then encountered the opposite from the other party? Or was it the other way around?!
Finding the fine line between compassion and assertion is really the key. You have to notice when you need the one or the other. How can you balance both?

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Common Emotions

What Are Your Most Common Emotions?

What is the most important thing for you in your life? What, at it’s core, is what you want most in life? I bet it’s the same thing as for most people: at the deepest level you want to… feel good.

Even when you said peace of mind, or good luck for your family, if you think about what that gives you… it’s really a feeling. A feeling of peace, safety, contentment, happiness.

Your emotions are determining how you feel. Most emotions repeat themselves over and over again – in other words: the kind of emotions you feel are similar day in and day out. And the quality of your life, how you perceive your life, is heavily influenced by the emotions you feel regularly.

Are You Feeling Your Favorite Emotions Daily?

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How to Be Inspired

How to Be Inspired to Be Your Best

I always found that being inspired is the best state to be in. Being inspired leads to inspired action and has some kind of magic to it. It seems to go directly to the point. It always seems to be right.

You are able to see things much more clearly. You are getting the right ideas, the right input. And you do good.

The state of being inspired means to be in connection with your spirit, your higher self. It “whispers” you your way.

But how can you not feel the connection to your spirit?

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Law of Attraction: Are you really a living magnet?

How to Use The Law of Attraction

Finally I’m writing about The Law of Attraction. In fact, I’ve written about it in many posts here, but I’ve never named it as such. But the key understandings that you are responsible for your state of mind and for what you create in your life are also at the core of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states: You attract in your life what you think about most of the time. What you focus your attention on grows, and your energy and actions flow towards it. Or in other words: Like attracts Like.

For me the Law of Attraction was intuitively clear pretty early in my life, without labeling it as the Law of Attraction (or even “The Secret”). Some time in my teens I decided to “focus on what I want”. That was essential for me.

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Reflect on Your Life

What to Do When Life Sucks

Sometimes things just don’t go as you’d wish them to go. One adversity after another sweeps into your life like waves on a shore coming against you. Everything seems to have come together in a little conspiracy. Life sucks.

If such a series of adversities happens, your life can get really overwhelming and questions like “Why is this happening to me?” or “What I have done to deserve this?” pop up in the mind. But those questions are not really helping, especially not in that state of overwhelm, anger, frustration or even depression…

So what can you do inside and out to cope?

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You Are Enough.

One of the many good suggestions I got from you as a reply to my last newsletter was the topic of not feeling worthy enough. So I thought I’ll take the topic of worthiness and show that at the core, which is what matters, you are 100% worthy of everything you can dream of.

The feeling of not being good enough or even inadequate can act as a very self-limiting belief, which would be like a self-fulfilling prophecy: It (you) will always get in your own way. On the other side, knowing that you are enough for what you want in your life is as important for your success as it could get.

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Superman Strengths and Weaknesses

What Are Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses?

Do you know your personal strengths? A very easy question, but if I would be the interviewer in an job-interview, what would you answer? Can you name your biggest personal strengths instantly?

Knowing your personal strengths and weaknesses can help you a lot in choosing the right career or making good decisions. Because if you are able to focus what you do around your personal strengths you have the chance to create something remarkable while making it look like it’s almost effortless for you.

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Face Your Fears

The Little Guide to Face Your Fears

Your fear is what is holding you back most in life. If you really look at it and are honest with yourself: What is the reason why you didn’t do things that you might regret a bit today?
It’s most probably somehow linked to the emotion of fear.
On the other hand, facing your fear is often connected with what you have to do in order to grow the most in your life. It’s probably exactly the area where you have to go right now. Facing your fear will exactly create the breakthrough that is waiting for you.

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Personal Values

Do You Know Your Personal Values?

Have you ever asked yourself what the real influences of your decisions are? Why you prefer one situation over another? For instance why do you prefer being employed over working on your own?
It’s not primarily due to the circumstances or your emotions, especially not when there was a real decision involved. So why are you making these decisions then?
The answer lies at the core of your character, of what defines you as a person; and that is your personal value system.

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Make a Real Decision

How to Make a Good Decision

Recently I’m looking for a new home here in Berlin. Since we are looking to become a family soon, it’s time for a change. The market has gotten a lot tougher here in the last 2 years, which was when I first moved here. Many good homes are gone or overly pricy now.
Still, finally we thought we found something right. So we made the deal only to realize the day after that if you are really it’s just too loud with the traffic outside, especially for a family. So we want to get out again and have produced a bit of a mess all by ourself.
It wasn’t a good decision. That kept me wondering how this really bad decision could’ve happened in the first place?

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